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Never do like that

It’s about how to increase boobs.

increase boobs
The ways how to grow breasts.

Do you have small breasts? You have a minus first size? You are jest and people around tease you as you are plywood? Do you want big tits? Your boyfriend masturbates on our recommended porn stars and stares at busty chicks in transport? Do you want to change your bumper and improve your jugs?


It’s about how to excite a girl.

excite a girl
How to excite a girl correctly?
Listen to me, a boy. These are good ways.
For a start, whisper kind words in your ear. Like, “my pussycat, I will fuck you in the ass now, and you will be in the pose of cancer.”


It’s about how to fuck a porn star.

how to fuck a porn star
How to fuck a porn star?
In fact, boys, it is more difficult than you think. It is much harder. But for those who didn’t accustom to retreat, here are instructions for achievement their goals:
1. If you want to fuck any porn star, you must have a strong dick. Well, everything should be clear for you, I have published advice – how to increase member, you are welcome.


It’s for erect nipples.

erect nipples
Instruction for girls: how to make erect nipples?
Hey, girl! Do you want erect nipples? Listen to me! It isn’t a problem! I will teach you.
1. The ice. Ice is fucking thing. You need to take out of molds in the freezer for a couple of ice cubes for cocktails and rub nipples with them, over time the desired effect will be. Especially if you need this effect urgently and before fucking. If you do this all the time, the effect won’t be variable, but almost all. Don’t freeze your tits!


How to hold on a girl’s ass properly?

hold on a girls ass
Shorter, this is the very harmful instruction. To hold on girl’s ass you can differently. It depends on preferences. The thirst variant: take a big ass with your palm and compress it in your hand. This is fucking.
The second variant: beat with a flourish on the buttocks or thighs. Not so dusty.


How to beg a girl to show tits?

girl to show titsThe harmful instruction.
No problem, listen, boys.
The first: a rude way. Come to a chick and tell her: “Show your boobs quickly, fuck! Otherwise, I’ll break your face!”Don’t you think that it is difficult to resist such a question? If she hesitates, well, a pair of strikes on her ass or fucking mouth and the problem is solved.


How to earn money using ass?

How to earn money using ass
For a start, sit on the ass on an even keel. Not otherwise.
The first-you can trade in your ass. Like, here and there, the money multiply. But…
- Have you ever fucked a fag?


How not to ejaculate long.

How not to ejaculate long
How not to ejaculate as long as possible?
The first, fuck, – endure. Are you a man or what? Fuck and fuck, just do not ejaculate ahead of time. All endure and you do the same.


How to seduce co-worker

fuck co-workerHow to fuck co-worker?
If you want to fuck employee on your job, you need, most importantly, for a start, drag her to the goddamned corporate. Water her with alcohol there (every man chooses his own way – to pour vodka in her throat, or – to add vodka in champagne, or perhaps at all – she bibs moonshine you cannot dream) – but you need to make her blind drunk.


How to enlarge penis

enlarge penis
How to grow a dick?

First of all, masturbate, damn. During the masturbation the massage of penis is and penis increases the overall size. Of course, it increases not from the first masturbation – ideally, you should be the winner of masturbation, that is, there should be a lot of practice in masturbation. And a lot of practice is three times larger than very, very much)).


How to get acquainted with a girl?

How to get acquainted with a girl for sex?
These are the most effective pick-up phrases:

The first method. The wordplay with tits:

Come to the girl whose breast is flat as a board:
- Girl! Are your breasts natural or silicone?