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How not to ejaculate long.

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How not to ejaculate long How not to ejaculate as long as possible? The first, fuck, – endure. Are you a man or what? Fuck and fuck, just do not ejaculate ahead of time. All endure and you do the same. Secondly, during the fucking, when you understand that ejaculation is close, imagine FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, fuck, and PFC CSKA Moscow, if you can. As they try to knock ball from each other, and you made a bet. It helps very much not to ejaculate ahead of time. Thirdly, pull the dick, when you feel cum approaching to your throat. Put out it, tap with it on pussy or on buttocks, lip your partner or something, by the large-digress a bit, don’t batter like a hammer, be careful. Fourthly, don’t paw over her tits and buttocks once too often. It is proved that if a man touches boobs then a certain hormone surpasses and premature ejaculation is provided. You should touch tits not long. Have patience! You will have time to touch! Fifthly, masturbate. Before fucking, in order not to ejaculate for a long time, you should masturbate several times. Then the level of toxemia of sperm will minimize, but continual sex will maximize. Sixthly, don’t bother. You fucked, ejaculated, pulled out a dick – shift scumbag and fuck to your health. Don’t fuck your brain!))