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How to enlarge penis

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enlarge penis How to grow a dick? First of all, masturbate, damn. During the masturbation the massage of penis is and penis increases the overall size. Of course, it increases not from the first masturbation – ideally, you should be the winner of masturbation, that is, there should be a lot of practice in masturbation. And a lot of practice is three times larger than very, very much)). Secondly, fuck, you can grow your dick by stretching. How to do it – at one end of the room a naked girl is with attractive tits, you would not be averse to hold on them, and you and your dick are in the another end of the room. Hold your cock in a vise and start trying to fall up greedily to chick in order to feel her boobs. Of course, you are held back by a vise, but the tits and a little effort – and you will get your tits and stretch your penis. The main thing is not to overdo with your penis, otherwise you can tear it off. Thirdly, you can enlarge your dick visually, fucking in front of a mirror. It is known that all the objects seem to be more in the mirror, so you put your sex partner before the mirror in the pose of cancer and fuck her while earning an aesthetic pleasure of enlarged penis. Fourthly, you can try to rack up your dick. It is – or bad and painful surgeries in hospitals, either – a special nozzles for balanus. Naturally, pleasure during coitus with nozzles reduces. Fifthly, boys, do not bother. It is hard to believe that it is possible to increase a penis or to grow a dick in any way. No need to worry.