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It’s for erect nipples.

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erect nipples Instruction for girls: how to make erect nipples? Hey, girl! Do you want erect nipples? Listen to me! It isn’t a problem! I will teach you. 1. The ice. Ice is fucking thing. You need to take out of molds in the freezer for a couple of ice cubes for cocktails and rub nipples with them, over time the desired effect will be. Especially if you need this effect urgently and before fucking. If you do this all the time, the effect won’t be variable, but almost all. Don’t freeze your tits! 2. The pins. Pins, shit, bitch, are super reliable. It is desirable to have hard pins, which are hard to decompress. Close your eyes, screw up your eyes and hitch up spins on breasts – nipples will be thus protruding that you will be surprised. The fucking pain will lacerate you. Do not tear off your tits! 3. The electric current. That’s enough a battery from the car. Light up your breasts –“+ “-on the right nipple, “-“- on the left, the circuit is closed. Close your eyes stronger, or else they can fly back. The procedure is repeated twice a day, morning and evening. 4. . And the fourth, BDSM club…Oh, God. What’s going on there! Everything will be stick out-nipples, pussy, even clitoris, golly, will lean out. Choose the best!